• Matthew Herrmann
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    When you are getting ready to put your home on the market, there are a lot of factors that go into setting up the home for the best possible sale. That means both in terms of value and time spent on the market. I’d venture to say that marketing your home is one of if not the most crucial aspects to getting a better price and a much faster sale. Of course there are some steps to take first before the marketing can really maximize its impact on prospective buyers.

    You should absolutely clean your home from top to bottom before putting it on the market, as well as decluttering any personal items like photos and keepsakes. These two things alone will make a huge difference in how buyers will see your home. More importantly they allow the buyer to imagine themselves already living there, without any distractions. You will want to be sure to ask your agent for any advice on staging or decorating as well, as they look at a lot of homes that are for sale, and have seen the best and the worst on the market.

    So after you have your home clean and decluttered and before you put it on the market for everyone to see, you need to present it in the best possible way. Currently more than 92% of buyers, according to realtor.org, use the internet in their home search. This means that the listing photos are perhaps the single most important part of selling your home. First impressions are key and if buyers aren’t impressed with the images they see of your home online, chances are they won’t schedule a showing. You also have to factor in a buyer’s feelings towards the home prior to them seeing it in person. If they already have a positive view of the home from seeing beautiful professional photos online, they are more likely to become emotionally invested and more likely to look past certain flaws of the home.

    When you speak to your realtor about marketing and especially about photographing your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to make sure they aren’t just hiring any photographer for the job. It takes specialized lenses, equipment, and lots of experience to get great results photographing homes. Ask them to hire a specialist in real estate photography. Also you will find any good real estate photographer will ask that the home be decluttered and cleaned like we mentioned before. If the home is vacant it is preferable to have it staged. Although this isn’t a necessity it will increase the number of showings and usually result in a higher offer.

    All of these suggestions mean more time and money invested up front before putting your home on the market. However, the return can be huge when you set your home up for a successful sale with these tips. Your realtor will be able to tell you more about the current market, other homes for sale in your area, and why prepping your home in this way can set you head and shoulders above the competition. When you are talking about one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime, selling your home, you want to be sure you do everything you can to realize your goals and set yourself up for success.