• Matthew Herrmann
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    Christmas is just around the corner, less than a week away in fact… If you need some ideas on how to create a fresh and stylish dinner table for your guests to enjoy, here are some tips and tricks! There is something to be said for tradition, but doing the same table setting year after year can be tiresome. With just a little effort, and some creative thinking, you can impress everyone this holiday season with a beautiful fresh dinner presentation!

    Reach to the Sky

    A traditional flat garland or wreath at the center of the table is just that, flat! This year people are reaching for the sky with their centerpiece. Creating something with extra height really showcases the center of the table and gives a feeling of grandeur and elegance. Whether you prefer a natural piece like a skinny and trimmed tall plant, or something more modern like perhaps a tiered cake on a tall stand with large candles in it. Use your imagination, and always remember to keep your color scheme in line with the rest of the table. Think about materials like glass, wood, and metal for a more traditional look. Try to stay away from plastic unless you want a sleek modern style.

    Magical Mason Jars

    Light can play such a huge role in design and style. It creates warmth, and a charming atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. You can easily create lighted mason jars using battery powered strings of led lights. Place them in the center of the table around your centerpiece or incorporate them into your centerpiece for a glowing showcase that will make your guests say wow!

    Winter Wonderland

    This year try out a plain white tablecloth, something with some texture to it. This creates a nice clean table with which the rest of your decorations are sure to coordinate with. You could be even more creative and cut out snowflake doilies, place mats, coaster, etc. to decorate with as well.

    Trends are always changing, and trying something new can be a great fun project that you can do with your family and friends. Take these tips and tricks and incorporate your own style and flair. Everyone will be wowed by your beautiful table and the memories you’ll have creating it will last a lifetime!